how to tell if your dog is pregnant at home

How to Tell if Your Dog is Pregnant: -A Guide for Dog Owners

A Simple Guide to Spotting the Signs of Pregnancy in Your Furry Friend at Home!

This article provides information on how to tell if your dog is pregnant, including signs such as nesting behavior, weight gain, and increased/decreased appetite. It also outlines how to do a home pregnancy test and tips on how to care for your pregnant dog. With proper monitoring and attention, it can be easy to determine if your pet is expecting puppies!

How To Tell If Your Dog Is Pregnant At Home

Having a pet is a great responsibility and knowing if your dog is pregnant can be a difficult task. In this article, we will discuss the signs of pregnancy in dogs, how to do a home pregnancy test, and provide tips on how to take care of your pregnant dog.

how to tell if your dog is pregnant at home

Signs Of Pregnancy In Dogs:

Nesting behavior – female dogs may start to look for places to make their nest or den before they deliver their puppies. This behavior is usually seen two weeks before delivery and can include things like rearranging bedding, gathering blankets or towels, or even moving furniture around.

Weight gain – as the puppies grow, the mother’s weight will increase due to the extra weight from the puppies. You may also notice that your dog’s abdomen will become larger as the puppies grow.

Intestinal parasites – some female dogs may experience an increase in intestinal parasites during pregnancy. This can lead to vomiting and diarrhea, so it’s important to monitor your pet closely during this time. 

False pregnancy – some female dogs may show signs of false pregnancy such as producing milk even though they are not pregnant. These symptoms usually disappear after a few weeks but should be monitored by a veterinarian just in case.

Dog’s nipples – you may also notice that your dog’s nipples become larger and darker in color as her body prepares for delivery. This is usually seen about one month into the pregnancy.

Puppies growing – you may also be able to feel the puppies moving inside your dog’s abdomen if you place your hand gently on her belly after about three months into her pregnancy.

Home Pregnancy Test:

If you suspect that your dog is pregnant but aren’t sure, there are home pregnancy tests available that can help you determine if she is indeed expecting puppies or not. These tests work by detecting hormones present in the urine of pregnant dogs, so it’s important to collect a sample from your pet first thing in the morning when these hormones are most concentrated in her system. Once you have collected a sample, simply follow the instructions on the package and wait for results which should appear within minutes of taking the test.

Caring For Your Pregnant Dog:

Once you have determined that your dog is indeed pregnant, it’s important to take extra care of her during this time by providing nutritious food and plenty of rest and exercise depending on her activity level prior to becoming pregnant. Your vet can also provide advice on how best to care for your pet during this special time including what type of food she should be eating and how much exercise she should get each day depending on her age and health condition prior to becoming pregnant. Additionally, it’s important to make sure she has access to clean water at all times as well as access to a warm whelping box where she can give birth safely when it comes time for delivery of her litter of puppies!


Knowing if your dog is pregnant can be tricky but with proper monitoring and attention it doesn't have to be! By paying attention to signs such as nesting behavior, weight gain, increased appetite or decreased appetite along with other physical changes such as enlarged nipples or feeling movement inside her abdomen you should be able to tell if she is expecting puppies or not! Additionally there are home pregnancy tests available which can help confirm whether or not she is indeed expecting puppies! Finally once you have determined that she is indeed expecting make sure that you take extra care of her during this special time by providing nutritious food and plenty of rest along with access to clean water at all times!"

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do dog nipples look like when pregnant?

Nipple Changes Nipple changes in dogs are one of the most common signs that an animal is pregnant. This change is usually seen 2-3 weeks after conception. The nipples especially around the dogs hind legs may appear slightly larger than normal and may appear pinkish and dark.

Can you do a pregnancy test on a dog?

Yes. The blood test detects pregnancy in the pregnant dog by measuring levels of a hormone called relaxin. This hormone is produced by the developing placenta following implantation of the embryo, and can be detected in the blood in most pregnant females as early as 22-27 days post-breeding.

How can you tell if a dog is pregnant without a false pregnancy?

The more common signs of pseudo-pregnancy include mammary gland enlargement with or without the production of milk, lethargy, periodic vomiting, and fluid retention. Dogs with false pregnancy often have a decreased appetite but seldom appears to lose weight, likely due to the amount of excess fluid retained.

How many days is a dog pregnant for?

A dog pregnancy can vary between 56 – 70 days. Typically, puppies should arrive about 63 days just over 2 months after conception.Aug 7, 2021

Do dogs bleed when pregnant?

If you notice any vaginal bleeding or discharge during your dog's pregnancy, contact your vet for advice. If you see any signs of illness, take your pregnant dog to your vet immediately. Issues that can typically wait a few days might be more serious in a pregnant dog.Oct 21, 2020

Does a dog's stomach get hard when pregnant?

If you are planning on breeding your dog, be vigilant during her pregnancy for signs of an unusually large, hard belly.Aug 28, 2017

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