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Rechargeable Training Dog Bark Stop Waterproof Collar

Rechargeable Training Dog Bark Stop Waterproof Collar

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Product information:

Material ABS
Item No. 718B
Product Category Dog Training Device
1. Button function: three buttons, power button, discharge intensity adjustment button, sensitivity adjustment button
2. Working voltage: 4.2V (lithium battery)
3. Working current: 15mA for bright screen, 200mA for buzzer, 150mA for motor, 250mA for discharge
4. Gear working current: 0mA for 0 gear, 20mA for A gear, 100mA for B gear, and 200mA for C gear.
5. Sensitivity gear: A gear 400 gears, B gear 250MS, C gear 100MS, D gear 15MS
6, Quiescent standby current: less than 0.1  mA
7. Shutdown current: less than 0.001  mA

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